Coach hire- the Eco friendly travel solution

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been more important. There are many factors which affect our carbon footprint such as the power used in your home or where you source your food from. One of the largest contributing factors is your method of travel. Changing how you travel can make a huge difference. The new Bus and Coach Smart Move campaign has set out a lot of details about how bus and coach travel will help reduce congestion and clean the air we breath.

When put against any other passenger transport mode, buses and coaches will always come out on top. A standard car will fit 4 people, whereas, a standard coach will fit an average of 40 people, meaning there are up to 10 cars less on the road if we all travel by coach.

According to the Department of Transport’s Energy and Environment statistics, coach hire is the most efficient and eco friendly method of travel. Cars and taxis made up 62% of CO emissions and 32% of NOx emissions in 2017 compared to the 1% and 3% of coaches and buses respectively. 

This graphic designed by Bus and Coach Smart Move shows just how much congestion and therefore air pollution is reduced by using a coach.

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