Say hello to our new Mercedes Tourismo 57-seater executive coach. Luxury. Get used to it.

You can’t beat a little bit of luxury, can you?

poverty & luxury

It’s all relative, of course.

If you’re used to living like a student (I’m thinking Neil from The Young Ones …), having a bit of squirty cream on top of a good cup of coffee will seem like unfathomable decadence. If you’re incredibly wealthy (more like Kendal from Succession), you’ll probably wonder what’s happened to Maurizio who usually whips your cream for you.

When do you expect the most luxury in life?

If you’re minted, you might get five star treatment all the time. Spa days in country retreats, private boxes at theatres and sporting events, dinner at the finest restaurants.

For most of us, though, luxury is something you treat yourself to once in a while – and usually when you’re travelling. You push the boat out a little, because this is what life’s really about, isn’t it? Experiences. The journey, not just the destination.

At Your Coach Hire, we’ve pushed that boat out too.

Mercedes Tourismo 57-seater luxury coach

Well, not a boat, exactly.

Say hello to the Your Coach Hire fleet’s newest stablemate: our Mercedes Tourismo 57-seater executive coach. Luxury travel – for you and dozens of your friends, colleagues or team mates.

The Mercedes ride

The Tourismo is a masterpiece of German engineering, with solid construction and smooth suspension that insulates you from the undulations of the road. There’s plenty of space for whatever you need to take with you in the cargo bay, too.

Interior photo showing TV screens

We all know weather in the UK and on the continent can be unpredictable – and we’ve certainly seen some extremes of temperature over the last few years. The coach is fully air-conditioned, so whatever the European weather decides to do en route, you can kick back and travel in comfort.

And kicking back isn’t just a turn of phrase on the Mercedes Tourismo, either. To make sure you can relax as you travel, every seat reclines. Sit back and watch as the view changes.


Speaking of watching, you do have options. If you’re travelling for leisure, the coach is equipped with screens and a DVD player, so you can binge your favourite box set or film trilogy as you eat up the miles to your destination.

If you’re a company travelling for a work event or a conference; or if you’re a team travelling to a sports fixture, you might need to do some collective learning on the way. We’ve got you covered: the TV screens on the coach can also be hooked up to a laptop through HDMI, so you can show presentations, footage, or whatever you need to share to collaborate and arrive with everyone up to speed.

Mercedes Tourismo Interior photo facing rear of the coach

Let’s be honest, though – who watches stuff together any more?

Most of us are glued to a small screen in front of us to make sure we’re in touch, connected and we know what’s going on. It’s also how we disconnect and choose what we want to do, play and watch. You probably take your entertainment with you as downloads or streamed entertainment.

Mercedes Tourismo interior showing washroom facility

Only trouble is, on a long journey using a phone or tablet can be tricky when it comes to battery life. Well, there are no worries on our Tourismo coach – every seat has a USB point so you can plug in your devices, use them for the journey and still arrive with a full battery.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Our Mercedes Tourismo luxury coach is available for hire for any occasion, whether you’re travelling within the UK or into Europe. Beside the creature comforts of entertainment and relaxation, there’s a superb on-board washroom, so long journeys needn’t be uncomfortable.

We’ve kept the coach clean and unbranded, so it’s the ideal solution for you if you’d like to travel incognito or if you’d like to add your own branding for corporate or sports events. Or if you’re a rock star travelling with your entourage.

But then, even if you’re not a rock star, we’re sure you’ll feel like one when you add a little of our Tourismo’s touches of luxury to your journey. (But it won’t cost you the earth).

So wherever you’re planning to go: Luxury. Get used to it.