Long coach journeys are often uncomfortable and boring. We’ve come up with some small travellers hacks to help make your journey better. 


Our first tip isn’t for the journey itself however for the long getting off part. When the coach has been unloaded it is often hard to distinguish and find which suitcase is yours. The simple little tip we have is to cover your suitcase using an old t-shirt. A T Shirt will usually fit quite tight around the suitcase which then not only makes it easier to see which one is yours but adds extra security. 


Next we move onto the tips for the actual journey. First up is a pillow. An easy way to create a pillow without extra packing is by stuffing a t-shirt or jumper. Putting multiple t-shirts or a thick jumper to the inside of another t-shirt makes a functioning and comfortable pillow for your journey. These clothes can then be returned to your suitcase which means no extra baggage. 


Another thing you can do for comfort is to mount your phone. Provided the passenger in front of you allows it, cover the chair in front of your with a t-shirt. Then by using a phone case you can hang the phone in front of you. Place the case of the phone on one side of the tshirt and slot the phone into it on the other. This will hold the phone in place and give you a DIY movie screen directly into the chair in front of you.


Planning for your journey is essential. From the right snacks to entertainment, every part of your trip can be improved. When choosing which snacks to bring simple and light is always a good recommendation. Things such as sandwiches and nuts are great as they will fill you up yet not leave you groggy and bloated. As for entertainment simple things are usually best. Bringing a book or puzzle book is a great way to keep your mind busy as you travel. If this doesn’t appeal to you then downloading a couple films is a great way to stay entertained. 


With these comfort tips you should be able to enjoy your trip significantly more. Planning a long journey doesn’t need to be hard. Book a coach or minibus with Your Coach Hire for quick and easy bookings and get to your destination hassle free. 

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